Down 135 Pounds Thanks To This Breakfast Routine


The old me at 275 Lbs ...

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how one small tweak to my morning could change my life like this.

Up til then all I knew were failed diets, useless doctor's advice, and the never ending feeling of depression and hopelessness.

So it was amazing to see my weight melt away after doing this simple breakfast routine.

After seeing my doctor I found it also had the added benefits of supporting a healthy heart, arteries and blood sugar levels too!

How much high intensity exercise or cardio you do...

How many fad diets you go on, cutting out your favorite foods…

Or how much sugar or carbohydrates you eat...

It turns out these are all lies the fitness industry uses to lock you in the never ending weight gain cycle.

And worst part is, you start blaming yourself when nothing works.

But it is not your fault!

The video below shows how this breakfast routine works. It was an eye opener and life changing moment for me...Four years ago, I moved from Texas to Virginia, with my husband. I was excited about all of the new activities the new location afforded: hiking paths, biking trails in Blue Range Mountains, and a great outdoor climate.

There was just one problem: I weighed more than 250 lbs, and I didn't want to go outside.

I had experienced swift, unexplainable weight gain before I moved.

I visited several doctors, had multiple tests, everything was normal; except that I was trapped with this extra weight that would not budge

I felt miserable and sad because of my weight. I wasn't active at all, and I couldn't do all of the stuff I wanted to.

I was feeling hopeless until I heard about this "simple morning ritual” from Matt Sterling from my hairstylist and decided to check it out. 

The new me at 140 pounds :)

After adding this to my morning routine:

> My cravings suddenly disappeared

​> I slept all the way through the night

> Started eating all my favorite foods with no guilt

> Stopped obsessing over what the scales said and my clothes got looser

I knew getting and staying healthy was always a choice, I just didn't know how easy it could be.

Even my friends and family can't stop thanking me after seeing the same results. 

I love sharing my story because I know there's someone out there going through the same thing who needs to see this.

Watch the video that changed my life! I promise you'll thank me later.

P.S. Thank you again for reading my article. Dozens of my friends and family have combinedly lost over 900 Pounds using this simple method and they all are very happy and positive after the results they have seen. 

Please take a moment to watch the quick video which can change your life.

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